Read This If You Are Thinking Of Playing Golf!

Playing Golf

Golf has often been termed as the gentleman’s sport. It is one of those games, where skill has to surpass competitiveness. For many people who will read this, golf may seem to be a sport reserved for those who are either rich, or for those who are content to leisurely walk around a vast, sprawling golf course. But, if the sources at websites like are to be believed, this is truly a false assumption, as the sport of golf has been proven beyond a doubt to be highly beneficial to the overall well-being of the individuals who regularly indulge in it.

Why Golf?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to comment on how stressful life has become today. People are engaged in time-consuming activities, racing through never-ending schedules, in an effort to meet endlessly impossible deadlines. And, in the midst of all this, the social and physical well-being of the person suffers! This is what golf aims to reverse. By playing golf, one may very likely bring back a sense of normalcy and calm to one’s life. For one thing, Golf does not have the intensity of other outdoor sporting activities. There is no running, kicking, punching, etc. that we see in sports like football, soccer, and so on. So, the risks of incurring injuries are quite minimal.

To get a deeper understanding of the advantages involved in the game of golf, let us take a comprehensive look at the physical and social benefits.

The Physical Benefits Of Golf:
As said earlier, golf has the potential to bring about subtle changes to one’s body. Some of the gains from playing golf are:

1. The game of golf requires the players to take long walks around the golf course. Usually, the size of a golf course can be anywhere between 20 to 200 acres. This is a major physical activity, but it is one that can be undertaken without unduly stressing out the body. The game involves slow walks, with a lot of pauses in between. On the whole, an average player can be expected to shed a lot of unwanted calories during the play.
2. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the game will know that golf is played on a vast green golf course. The chance of breathing in pure, unadulterated oxygen, as well as the ample amounts of Sun-derived Vitamin D, is an opportunity that must never be missed. Golf is one sport that can supply immense amounts of the same.
3. Another advantage is the increase in the hand-eye coordination of the player.
4. A few people have advocated another benefit of golf that on the whole, remains to be proven. It seems that by playing golf, one can increase the strength of one’s bladder! Apparently, the cause for this lies in the fact that the bathrooms can only be found in the club, and the players often skip those trips while playing the game!

The Social Benefits Of Golf:
Golf is a game that is seldom played alone. A usual trip to the golf club involves the inclusion of family, friends or business associates. The game is slow, and it gives people the chance to indulge in meaningful conversations, that could boost the mental well-being of the person.