Things To Do When You Are In Montreal


Montreal Grand Prix- Many people have heard about while a few have experienced it. Whoever is a fan of formula one racing has dreamt of being present for Montreal Grand Prix. This major event gets broadcasted in about more than 100 countries, and millions of people watch it. To be precise, no one misses watching the Grand Prix. Montreal F1 corporate packages are available if you want to catch the season from the very beginning. You do not want to miss your favorite stars who race for Ferrari and Mercedes. Even the celebrities come to see the event, says Apart from all these star-studded things, Montreal has got something else which you do not want to miss.

Before the event gets started, the streets get closed so to eliminate heavy traffic. At this time, you can enjoy every bit of the street. Starting from the roadside music by the bands and performances by artists. You can get a close view of the race cars that are going to participate. Autographs will be given by the celebrities before the event starts. You can be in the music all day. The DJ’s will take care of it. The festive ambiance is something you will not want to miss so that you can remember and cherish it till the next year.

The Saint-Paul circuit happens during the event, and you can see it if you go to the Montreal old port. There you can see people enjoying cocktails, made especially for the event that is going to happen. At this time many exhibitions will also start along with restaurants which offer good food and drinks. There will be different circuits which people can select according to their taste and enjoy the event as per the circuit. You can see that all people have got the same emotion towards the event. If you want you can also choose a circuit which could be foodie circuit or well-being circuit and enjoy the event.

Restaurants have got a big part in making the event and the city shine. International chefs come down to prepare food for the stalls with their signature dish. If you go to any restaurants, you will see that there will be a dish which is connected to the Montreal grand prix. You can enjoy the world famous dishes there along with the enjoyment you get from the event. Since this happens only once in a year, it will be a great loss if you miss it. The Nightlife in Montreal is something you do not want to miss. If you miss it, it is sure that you will regret later.

When you plan the trip to Montreal, it is better that you find a place for you to stay. Most probably all the motels get occupied before the event starts. You have to book everything in advance. Along with that, medicals advise you to take certain vaccines for your protection such as Hepatitis A and B, Rabies and other routine vaccinations, so that you can enjoy the event to the fullest.