What Are the Advantages Of Using Invisalign


Orthodontic treatments are constantly changing as technology advances. One such orthodontic treatment is Invisalign. These are braces for the teeth which aligns crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth not only look bad but is also difficult to clean and can lead to many dental problems and eventually loss of a tooth. By wearing braces, the teeth can be appropriately aligned, till now conventional braces were used but were very painful and uncomfortable to wear. Invisalign is an excellent option over traditional braces; there are many resources online to get more information about it. www.nydailynews.com reports that many adults who are embarrassed wearing conventional braces are opting for Invisalign to correct their crooked teeth. Below are some reasons for choosing this treatment.

Comfort: The reason for rising popularity of Invisalign is because it is less painful than the conventional braces and hence more comfortable to wear. Children are especially more likely to retain their Invisalign than the traditional pairs as you have fewer cuts and irritations in the mouth. Another advantage of it over conventional metal braces is that it can be removed easily by the user, unlike the metal ones who has to be removed by specialists only.

Appears natural: Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign is clear. When wearing this aligner, the teeth look natural when you smile. If you are putting off the idea of correcting your misaligned teeth due to embarrassment braces causes, Invisalign is an excellent option as it is not noticeable when you smile which is a boon for adults and teenagers. Traditional braces when worn cannot be easily removed apart from making it uncomfortable to smile. However, Invisalign can be easily removed whenever you feel.
Metal braces can get inconvenient to eat as well, and doctors recommend patients to avoid eating certain types of food as they can get stuck and the wearer will not even get to know it is stuck. With Invisalign, such situations will not arise as there are no braces on the teeth. The Invisalign braces look more attractive than the metal braces.

Safe and gentle: Traditional braces are made of metal and wires. These can over a period start to protrude and cut the gums and your mouth can get painful. They can also have a detrimental effect on the teeth as you need to force the teeth to align it. But with Invisalign braces, these issues do not exist as they are soft and comfortable to wear and hence causes no damage to the gums and therefore lesser chances of cavities.

No tightening: Metal braces have to be frequently tightened by a specialist, and this means more discomfort and pain. Contrast to this is the Invisalign braces where there is no need for tightening, every stage of treatment will have a different aligner prescribed by the dentist which you will have to change as per recommendations.

Invisalign treatment is not a trial and error; the patient will know how long it needs to be used for straightening. To summarize, Invisalign is more advantageous than conventional braces though it is a little more expensive. The extra money that you pay is worth it as it is more comfortable and less painful.